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Conference Room

Are you looking for an affordable place to meet that is close by, but gives you the feeling of getting away from it all to a quiet, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere? Anderson Creek Lodge may be the ideal choice for your next meeting! When your meeting location is relaxed and comfortable and surrounded by natural beauty, you’ll be able to do some of your best work.

The meeting center at Anderson Creek Lodge features a private 600 square foot meeting center. The vaulted wood ceiling and large windows on three walls give you and your colleague’s lots of space, fresh air, and natural light. The booking of the meeting room can include fine teas, Tony's coffee, and bottled water available during the length of your meeting.  You will also have the use of our TV, VCR/DVD player, tables, and chairs. 

People have told us that Anderson Creek Lodge is an ideal meeting and training location. They really like the relaxed, comfortable feeling of a lodge in the country, yet it only takes 20 minutes to get here from most locations in Bellingham.  High-speed wireless Internet and reliable cell phone connections ensure that you stay connected. Our meeting center’s big open space can give you a variety of seating arrangements. Also, we have large areas of free parking on site.

Anderson Creek Lodge is an ideal meeting location for:

  • Anderson Creek Lodge is an ideal meeting location for:

  • Boards and Executive Boards

  • Small and medium size groups (up to 50 people)

  • Strategic planning

  • Brainstorming and problem solving

  • Training and professional education

  • Presentations and lectures

  • Concentrated project work

  • Meeting that require a secure, private location

  • Any time you and your work group need to get away and focus

When your meeting location is comfortable and inspiring, you’ll be able to do some of your best work.  Call us today at 360-966-0598 to find out if Anderson Creek Lodge is the ideal place for your next meeting.

Pricing for meeting center:
  • Meeting time 4 hours (morning or afternoon) - $150.00
  • Meeting time 8 hours - $275.00
  • Beverage Service: $2.50 per person.

Please call to discuss catering and pricing.  Discount rates apply to the meeting room if all (4) overnight rooms are filled.